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Welcome to my hand drawn portraits from photos for sale website! I am just an artist who decided to offer my drawing service to anyone who wishes to own original piece of art. I created this website to showcase the kind of style you would get, and possibly gain a new customer! If you are asking yourself "where can i get my portrait painted?" You've come to the right place.

How much does a portrait drawing cost? Standard rates can range anywhere from $75 to $300 or more. Price depends on the size of the drawing, number of objects in the photo, and level of detail. For example, mechanical objects such as tractors, engines, wheels, wiring, large areas of patterns often seen on dresses or clothing elements, natural texture patterns and so on contain detail that takes longer to draw. A good drawing is balanced between soft and detailed areas.

Custom portrait drawing pricing quotes are available by email in less than 12 hours. Usually within the same hour. You can calculate pricing for a custom drawing from a photograph by entering some information about the drawing into the form below. Because I will actually need to see the photo to determine the cost with more accuracy, please use the Attach Photo button and locate the photo you want to draw on your computer, then simply click "Get your Quote" button. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

Portrait drawing pricing guide. Enter your info and I'll email you the price and by what date your drawings will be completed.

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Note: Level of detail can affect pricing. This is why I request uploading actual photo.

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Custom drawing pricing will be emailed to you. Note, final adjustments might be made based on the level of detail in the photo you have chosen.

Examples of some of my previous drawings.examples of custom portrait drawings done in pencil from photographs

Girl standing next to an old car.
22 x 16 (Frame not included.)

Pensive look.

Submit a photo of what you want to draw using the form above.

Portrait drawn from a photo, of a girl standing next to an old car in a pattern dress, with trees in the background.

Custom request pencil drawing of a girl in a black and white pattern dress leaning on a seat of an old car with her hand. This 16 x 16 drawing is sold. It was shipped to Seattle to its new owner on July 18th, 2016.

Charcoal and pencil portrait drawings from around 2015, is what you're seeing depicted below. These drawings were drawn from carefully chosen photographs. Portrait drawing is something I started to do only recently. Prior to this, like many artists I started out with collages, abstract paintings and still life. Then, behold... the inanimate became animate.

charcoal portrait of a girl's face semi profile This is a graphite & mechanical pencil combination drawing, done from a good photographic reference. Charcoal is used for shading, and 0.5mm pencil for detail. I like to use this combination because it gives a way to balance soft and detailed parts.

charcoal portrait of a girl's face semi profile Another graphite stick and pencil drawing from a photo reference. Usually the best photos to draw are ones that have a lot of contrast between black and white values.

As a pencil and charcoal artist for many years, drawing portraits as a service isn't something I've done until recently. Most of my art work is shared or posted on Facebook, in art galleries, DeviantArt or Instagram, where you can follow me.

And as much as that, I don't know why I have no interest in signing nor showcasing my work. I just like to draw. But the prospect of an artwork being displayed in someone's home is fascinating for many reasons.

Get in touch with me by e-mail.

One day someone requested a drawing of their friend. It felt surreal to have been paid for my drawings. And since then, I decided to offer my portrait drawings as a service.

I created a separate section for my portrait drawings here. Browse around to see others! I should probably upload more nature and sunset pics. Just write me an email message if you have a custom drawing request.

portrait oil painting of a woman
Portrait of a woman. 18x24.
Black and white oil painting.
About 2004. Not for sale.

girl with pet ferret digital paintingGirl with a ferret (pole cat). After a few weeks I noticed a trend that most of my customers requested portraits of their loved ones.

Primarily it was guys looking to draw their girlfriend, family relatives, friends or pets... like cats, dogs and yes... ferrets.
Pencil portrait drawing prices
Below is the basic pricing table for most commonly requested custom pencil portrait drawing formats. 

6 x 8 drawing$ 75.00
8 x 10 drawing$125.00
11 x 14 drawing$175.00
16 x 16 square$250.00
24 x 18 drawing$375.00

Note, this pricing is only for black and white pencil or charcoal drawings.

child holding a rat (or pet mouse) in his hands pencil drawing

Girl with a pet rat.

Portrait of a girl with flowers, done in pencil and charcoal

Girl with flowers. 2B Pencil, Mechanical Pencil, Charcoal.

Tractor, framing agriculture pencil drawing

Could this be an agriculture-themed pencil drawing? I wasn't thinking that way when drawing it. Best pencil drawings rely on contrast between shadow and light. When I saw this photo, I instantly knew it was a great reference.

porsche pencil drawing, Prismacolor pencils

Porsche 911 Boxster. Prismacolor color pencils. 0.5 mechanical pencil. Not exactly a portrait, but cars are probably the second most requested subject that I receive. Check out my other car drawings if that's the kind of thing interests you. Prisma color pencils are vivid. This drawing was made from a photograph, and the stripes on the car are shadows from the trees surrounding the scene.

A few more words about my art.  Although drawing portraits from photos is something I have started only recently, pencil drawings in general are my favorite medium to work with for many reasons which I will list below.

  • Pencils and related drawing tools are affordable. Pencils are not very expensive. You don't need to have the best known brands. Any basic set will do. It's so much more about what you are doing with the tools, rather than what they are called. Most manufacturers use the same ingredients anyways. Of course brands like Prismacolor stand out, and offer vivid colors.
  • Fast learning curve. Pencil drawings are relatively quick to learn. If you understand basic principles (for example, ones described in the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain) you can start producing some realistic work relatively quick in just under a month of study.
  • Forgiving medium. You can erase and redo what you've drawn with fair ease. Just use an eraser! A medium such as acrylics or oil are not as forgiving, where you would have to scrape or paint over dry paint, which can turn into a time consuming process in the long run.

When I started my custom portrait drawing service, I chose some of the best (known to me) tools. I have finally saved enough money to purchase a Prismacolor color pencil set for my own birthday. They have a steep learning curve, because blending colored pencils is a skill that takes much longer to master, than say acrylics or oil painting. In comparison, I find that pencil drawings take much more preparation and composition planning than paints. Rigidity of this medium forces you to be opportunistic, when it comes to choosing colors.

In my career as an artist, portrait painting is something I haven’t done from the very beginning. As one of the multitudes of portrait painters online, my beginnings were small. In high school, my art teacher had me started with collages, still life and regular objects artists commonly use to practice like jars, apples, plastic human skulls and so on. Sketching and shading was one of the first skills you had to learn in the classroom. I seem to have spent too much focus trying to get the gradient right, and sometimes my attention would slip from conceiving the artwork as a whole. But I am sure I wasn’t the only artist struggling with something like that.

Portrait painting is specific to human face proportion, knowing how to position different parts of the face relative to one another in proportion and size. Pencil art is probably one of the most accessible mediums for this type of work. I smudge soft shadow areas with cotton swabs, a drawing technique which I discovered by accident. To add detail, which is probably my favorite aspect of drawing, I use 0.5mm mechanical pencils, that are often used by engineers and architects to draw buildings. The fine line is essential, but when it comes to portrait drawings, it’s something you best not overdo, or your entire work will look like a line drawing or a cartoon. Which isn’t always a bad thing. But I try to capture realism in my work as much as possible.

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